Catch of the Day


Derek Mason caught a whopper on 3/24/18 fishing a Senko!!!

Fish Report fo September/October: Biggest Bass we’ve seen caught in a long time is Derek Mason’s of Oak View…. 12.69lbs!!!  Well guys I’ll try and catch you up with what’s going on in the lake right now.  Is it true our lake level is down…yes it is, but it has not slowed the fishing down one bit.  Along the shorelines there is a really good weed line growing.  This is vegetation and grass in the water that is starting to mat up at the surface really good.  This is great for fishing!!!! Fish along those weed lines.  Go weedless on your baits if you want to get right up in that stuff or throw a topwater frog right across it.  You will see results. There has also been a lot of bluegill hiding in there as well.  Drop shotting a plasting worm never fails at the this lake either.  You tube is your best friend when it comes to different fishing techniques.  In the past July/August are the best catfishing times of the year as well so dust off those big poles of yours.  If you are going for trout they have been slow trolling for them about 35-40 ft down in deeper water.  Have fun fishing guys.