Catch of the Day

Parker Marquez with some nice winter bass!!!!

Update for today 03/08/2018: We just received another trout plant today!!!!!! Fish Report for March 2018: On March 08th we received our 3rd trout plant of the season.  They stocked 300 pounds of trout. They were about a 1 pound average which are the perfect size for all of you swimbait bass fishermen.  As far as the bass are concerned this is the time of year that the bass start going down a little deeper.  Definately YouTube spooning for bass.  Also you can try a deep diving crankbait as well.  If you are trying for trout off the shoreline we sell Powerbait & Yum trout bait.  A good ole nightcrawler works wonders for all the fish in the lake.  If you like trolling for trout we have the largest selection of “Needlefish” lures on the market.  For any fishing info you can always call us at 805-649-2043.  You can also E-mail us at